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 Be the Light You Wish to See in the World 

Advocating roadside safety and distracted driving awareness through 
decades of advancement and innovation in reflective textiles to Create a Safer World

illumiNITE performance reflective clothing and gear provide modern day athletes, urbanites and outdoor 
enthusiasts with the reassurance of visibility during all dusk, dawn,  and nighttime activities. 
Our patented illumiNITE Silhouette technology dramatically increases the speed and accuracy by which 
a motorist can identify an object on the road as a human being. Unlike non-descript reflective piping, strips 
and accents, illumiNITE activewear articulates the entire human form, emphasizing naturally moving parts to further 
capture the attention of today’s distracted driver. From technical wind and water resistant jackets and 
running tights to tank tops and mesh caps, illumiNITE interacts closely with our knowledgeable 
customer base to provide superior reflective solutions for your distinct apparel needs.


                                            Video LinkWoman stretching in reflective clothing


illumiNITE's retroreflective technology captures the dynamic brilliance of millions of microscopic satellite dishes that,
when embedded into the weave of the our textiles, act as mirrors to reflect light directly back to its source. Seamlessly
merging form, function, and the growing needs of today’s active global community, illumiNITE clothing, 
gear and accessories enable you to spend less time worrying about your safety, and more time enjoying life.